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Cross Fit Class

Movement & Fitness

     The fitness programming at our studio is designed for individuals who are looking to focus on their overall health, improve posture, increase their strength and balance, prevent injury, and be sustainable over a long term. Our emphasis is on functional movement, with balanced full body workouts emphasizing quality technique of sustainable, functional movement. 

We proudly offer a high energy, inclusive and supportive atmosphere to support all ages, fitness levels, and health goals. We value and respect that everyone has individual needs and goals, and it is our mission to help you get exactly what you need out of the classes you chose.


As fitness professionals, we take great pride in ensuring that every class can be fit to accommodate everyone, with options, progressions and modifications to suit all body types. Whether you want to attend once a month, 3 times a week, or daily, we welcome you to join our fitness family and look forward to supporting you in your health journey...whether it be for body, mind or soul.

Fitness Class


| In Studio & ZOOM |

Group Functional Training, Spin, Fitness Kickboxing & More!

Our classes are suitable to all fitness levels!

Available In-Studio or ZOOM!

Beginners are ENCOURAGED and WELCOME!

Each class is instructor led, with a new class plan each session. We will ensure balanced workouts using a variety of functional equipment to have you moving and sweating to your level! We are well known for our inclusive, supportive environment that makes you feel part of a fitness family.

Managing an injury? It is the top priority of each instructor to ensure a variety of variations are given for each workout to ensure everyone is successful in their own way. 


| In Studio & ZOOM |

Whether you are just getting started or already experienced with yoga and meditation, our classes suit all levels and focus on body maintenance. We have a variety of class styles to serve a variety of yoga needs.

The goal:

  • Manage both physical and mental stress

  • Slowing down the mind, and taking time to connect to the body

  • Stretching tight muscles to manage tension, improve posture, and feel better

  • Injury prevention by maintaining muscle length

  • Breathing, slowing the mind, and self care for mental health

You need no experience to attend any of our classes, but if you are dealing with any current or past injuries, contact us so we can help make sure you chose the class that will serve you best.

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Weight Lifting

Personal Training &

Exercise Therapy

1:1 Services provided by Miranda Wiese

CSEP Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Therapist

Postnatal Fitness Specialist

200 Registered Yoga Teacher

SMSCA Consultant

$65.00/ session

$90/ couple or partner training

**sessions billed out monthly. 24 hour cancellation required.

Open Gym

Enjoy ALL the equipment without the crowds while you do your own regime. Offering a workout space without the intimidation of a typical gym in our semi private atmosphere (no more then 4 people per session). Book your monthly unlimited number of 1 hour sessions as they fit your schedule in the mornings or evenings, and enjoy knowing there is always a staff member present to answer questions or help you out. 


Enjoy our Virtual Video Library full or pre-recorded workouts with your Open Gym membership.

Mon 6-9am | 7-9pm     Tues 6-10am | 12-1pm | 730-9pm

Wed 6-9am | 730-9pm     Thurs 6-10am | 12-1pm | 7-9pm

Fri 6-9am      Sat 10-1pm

Spin Bikes, Squat Racks, Chin Up Bars, Climbing & Slam Ropes, Benches, DB, KB, BB & Plates, Med Balls, Boxes, Bands, TRX, Boxing Equipment and more available for your use!

Modern Gym

Video on Demand Library

Video on Demand gives you unlimited access to our video library

literally ANYTIME and ANYWHERE...


Features a variety of class styles of different durations including various strength classes, HIIT, ground & tone, yoga, and more! Take your workouts with you anywhere on your phone or computer, and complete any class, as many time as you want on your own schedule!

Video Access begins on date of purchase, and is good for one month! 

Athlete & Team Training

Services provided by Miranda Wiese

CSEP Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Therapist

Postnatal Fitness Specialist

200 Registered Yoga Teacher

SMSCA Consultant

$65.00/ session Athlete Training

$125.00/session Team Training

**sessions billed out monthly. 24 hour cancellation required.

Medicine Ball Workout