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Kids Camps

Our Summer Kids Camp program runs from the beginning 

of July to the end of August for kids ages 4 and up.

Expect a jam packed day full of:

  • indoor fitness circuits & yoga

  •  scavenger hunts & team races

  • water games & time at the local splash park

  • crafts & artwork

  •  playground fun & field sports... and more!

Our adult and student leaders ensure time both indoors and outdoors (weather pending), and the day is not strictly structured but kids will get options of what they want to participate in.

Drop Off: anytime after 845am

Pick Up: before 430pm

You must provide/send with your child:

  1.  Lunch & Two Snacks (keep in mind food allergies)

  2. Indoor Shoes

  3. Bathing Suit/Change of Clothes 

  4. Towel, Hat, Sunscreen

  5. Labelled water bottle

*Children must be independent in the washroom.

**No phones or electronic devices permitted.

Space are limited and you must pre-register in advance!

Kids Playing Tug of War

summer camp

Week 1: July 4-8
Mon to Friday


Week 3: July 18-22
Mon to Friday

Week 5: Aug 2-5
Tues to Friday

Week 7: Aug 15-19
Mon to Friday

Week 2: July 11-15
Mon to Friday

Week 4: July 25-29
Mon to Friday

Week 6: Aug 8-12
Mon to Friday

Single Day (if room)


School Kids Meditating

our staff


Media Release: I hereby authorize PIPES FITNESS to publish photographs taken of my child or children listed above, for use in Pipes Fitness' print, social media, online and video based marketing materials, as well as publications. I understand participation is voluntary and release and hold harmless to PIPES FITNESS and agree that, I the guardian and the minor child/children, will not receive any financial compensation of any type associated with the publication of these photos. *


Camp Regulations & Rules:
1. Cancellations must be made within a week prior to camp day.
2. Our camps are intended to be fun, enjoyable and positive experiences for all children. I understand that if any child is creating a negative experience or not following studio rules they will be asked to go home, with no refund.
4. Phone and Electronics are to be left at home, please do not bring to the studio.
5. Parents are required to sign kids in and out of camp. If your child is getting to or from camp independantly, please contact our staff so we can ensure safety measures are in place.
6. Please be respectful of the rest of our campers, staff, their families and our community and if you or your child/children is sick, please let us know immediately and stay home.

Drop off time: 8:45 am Pick up time: 4:30 pm (late charges apply)


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!



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Camp Organizer



Student Leader



Student Leader