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Feeling Stuck? Did you fall out of a routine? Needing support or a new atmosphere? Is your mindset needing some help?
Feel like you are overwhelmed? Always tired? Readying to come off Auto-Pilot in life?

This is your sign.


I believe in you, and can see that amazing part of you that wants to crack open and shine!


Spring is upon us, and its an incredible time to dive into making some changes to best support yourself physically and mentally. Small little changes can be JUST what we need to break free from feeling stuck, negative self talk, and moving towards new things that allow us feel uplifted and energized. It can be very easy to fall into old routines that used to work, that just don't align with who you are know. 

Can you feel that little piece of you excited for NEW...for CHANGE!  We live in a world where we check the boxes of life and live the routine, a fast pace of life, putting more and more on our plates, and often living on auto pilot! Many of us don't step back to see if things are still feeling aligned and serving us in a way that creates happiness and love in our life. We are constantly growing and changing, so are our interests and needs...and so we must constantly be adjusting and tuning into what gives us that feeling of fulfilment! Is there something in your life that needs some tweaking, or are you putting your energy into places that just doesn't feel right or create that happiness you crave.


Just like in nature, the warmer temperatures, more daylight, and beautiful opportunities to be enjoying the outside world leaves room for change and growth! It is the season of planting new seeds, watering and nurturing them, and then watching new growth bloom! So why not do the same with you! Spring is the BEST time of year to make these adjustments and have the energy of spring and summer to support a higher level of clarity and energy to invest in yourself.

Whole Body Health is truly a balance of three things.

The Body.

Creating the healthiest physical version of ourselves with movement that feels right for you. That doesn't mean crazy workouts fact it sometimes means doing less and slowing down that intensity. Maybe it is starting a yoga practice, going for walks in nature, or trying something totally new like a group class, walking with a friend or spin! We all have different needs for the physical body (and they can change season to season) and it is an important piece that keeps the mind also in a good headspace.


The Mind.

Taking care of the mind and slowing down is the other piece to the puzzle. Taking time to pause and sit with yourself, emotions, and noticing the physical body and how it ACTUALLY feels. Tuning into the heart, creating presence in mind, and calming the nervous system with new practices of meditation, breathing, journaling and getting to nature. Listening to what feels right in our heart, and helping to create balance to align ourselves with how we can create the healthiest version of our body and mind.


The Spirit or Soul.

What brings excitment, fulfilment and joy to your life. Many of us over commit, or do things simply due to external demands or reasons other then what feels right for us. It can leave us feeling heightened, our nervous system fired up, and physically exhausted. It is time to shed what no longer feels right and take one step in the direction of change. To many it can feel selfish and carry guilt with taking time to fill our own cups....but without true self care, we burn out.

I have created this challenge (against the grain of mainstream fitness, of course) to help those who feel they are struggling in aspects of their health and life to create more balance and turn inward. I will share with you a ton of practices and tools, and be there to support you through this transition. You deserve it all.


To feel healthy and confident in your body.

Have positive self talk, clarity and calm in your mind.

Feel grounded and aligned in where you and your energy are going in life.

Feel all that self love and support you deserve from within you.

And to shine and be that beautiful light within you!



  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym in the Studio

  • Full Access to our Pre-recorded Video Library (or complete your own workout)

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  • Weekly Virtual Check In and Mindset Meetings

Gym Equipments


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  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym in the Studio

  • Full Access to our Pre-recorded Video Library (or complete your own workout)

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  • Weekly Virtual Check In and Mindset Meetings

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  • Weekly Virtual Check In and Mindset Meetings

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