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I am Miranda Lee.

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My Story

My life has taken me through many journeys, particularly in the last 10 years... and trusting my intuition and heart to tell me what is right is exactly what I have to thank for that.

The belts I have wore in my life has taught me an immense amount about myself and life. Once competitive athlete with limitless physical abilities, working as an Exercise Therapist in a large corporation setting... turned stay-at-home mom with a day-home... to part time (then full time) Studio Owner and mom who dragged her kids behind her racing from activity to activity, and to my now current role as female entrepreneur, with disability who is getting into parasport and homeschool mom. 

I have spent the past century learning what it feels like to live on auto pilot, stretching my nervous system to its absolute limits, hitting breaking points, feeling great success, and now...spending the past 5 years learning how to live with disability and disease, as well as being a mother of a child with a potentially life threatening disease. Unlearning all the bullshit I thought was important to be successful, and RE-LEARNING how to prioritize my own health, my relationships, slow down, live simpler, and heal myself from the inside out.


Living through the ebs and flows of marriage, and in a marriage and working through balancing out work life, family life, and still making and cherishing the time with the man I want tI have had to learn what take top priority in life...and in the learning process learnt how to manage my time and energy.

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