I love that all I have to do is show up, follow along, and no thinking required!




MON 615AM & TUES 915AM "Ground & Tone"



FRI 615AM "The Works"

Set up your own station of weights, resistance bands, mat, etc and zone into the energy of the music in these follow along instructor led classes. Focus on grounding (barefoot option), alignment, posture, balance, functional movements and proper muscle recruitment using lighter weights and resistance bands. You will learn a lot about your weaknesses, imbalances, and how to truly make your muscles work through various strength exercises and functional movements.

*Interscap, glutes, groins and core, beware:)



TUES 615AM | WED 530PM |FRI 915AM & 1215PM

Glove up and destress! Never boxed before?

No worry!

Get the cardio your looking for, with a side of WAY LESS BORING by adding the resistance training of actual focus pads and gloves to improve strength. Learn form and safety for hitting and blocking simple Kickboxing moves at various intervals against a bag/partner to provide your ultimate full body workout!

Just bring your energy and a sense of humor. This class is so much fun, time absolutely flies!

**Equipment provided.



THURS 615AM | 915AM | 1215PM | 6PM | 7PM

Our second most popular class, High Intensity Interval Training. A work (or push yourself) to your level class with weighted, body weight and cardio components involved. Bust your butt on reps or go a little heavier at a shorter interval, ten enjoy the rest you earned.

Easy to follow set up and a guaranteed sweat and muscle workout.

Your metabolism will be running long after your workouts done!



MON 915AM Muscle Work

6PM Muscle Pump & 815PM LATE LIFT

THURS 7PM Late Lift

FRI 530PM TGIF Bootcamp

SAT 12pm Just Move

Looking to gain strength, improve in functional movements, and learn proper form through a variety of exercises and equipment from climbing ropes, olympic bars, BOSU's, TRX, KB's and more! These fun and ALWAYS CHANGING challenging circuit style classes are great to work at your own level and pace, but have the energy of the class working together to finish!

*Great for all fitness levels.


Tues 430pm & Thurs 8pm

A new twist on your workout, with our newest instructor Miss Kennedy and her love for music, dance and energy work! This movement class has some traditional elements of a fitness class, but is designed around creating a feeling, emotional release, mental wellness, and dancing like nobody is watching. No experience necessary. Expect fabulous music, a high vibe space, and the encouragement to let go and sweat it out!

If you are looking for an amazing time, fun, and to focus on YOU, this is the class!