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Yoga Class


Body. Mind. Soul.

Pipes Fitness was started to create an environment that supported individuals of all body types, fitness levels, and ages to move and enhance their health. To provide professional fitness classes and instruction to those who were needing a supportive atmosphere where they could be challenged in a supportive way, and held accountable to showing up.

It has grown into a family and space that is unique in its positive vibe, inclusiveness, and safe space to move and sweat without expectations and judgement. Yoga, fitness, movement...all of it should be for everyone! Movement can be an incredibly important aspect of whole body health, which involves the body, mind and soul. Our studio has proved to all its members that fitness and yoga can be fun, effective, and positive when the goal is staying healthy, listening to your body, and simply enjoying movement.

Each client holds a special place in our hearts as Instructors.

The goal of each of our staff is to make every single person that comes through our door feel welcome, safe, and completely comfortable to workout or practice to their own level. It is our job to ensure you have professional guidance in technique, modifications and progressions, and to both challenge and support you!

We love to see our clients succeed, however that looks and feels to them! For some, that is simply showing up. For others its improving how they move and their mobility. And for others its increasing weight, or just being able to do something they couldn't do initially. Movement is for everyone, and it is our teams goal to make sure everyone leaves feeling positive, successful and motivated to continue their health and fitness whatever way serves them and their body best.

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