Our youth classes are designed to provide a fun and supportive environment for all ages! Each class they will get to move and challenge their bodies capabilities, explore their balance and agility, improve strength, learn injury prevention by focusing on proper mechanics to push, pull, lift, jump and land.

Start their healthy fitness habits early!



We are very proud of (and well known for) our Tiny Pipes Fitness classes for the little people ages 4-7. The goal of these classes is to get little faces sweaty, feet moving, challenge strength and balance using a variety of equipment for circuits and games, and to build confidence!

These classes are designed to be fun, high energy, and supportive setting to try climbing, jumping, hanging and more! These classes are truly for all types of kiddos...whether they are currently quite active or looking for a new way to get moving.

Fall Session: 8 weeks

Monday 5-545pm | October 19-December 7

Saturday 11-1145am | October 17-December 5

We have a strong following for our youth fitness programming in the Battlefords! The goal of the classes for ages 8+ is to teach youth about fitness and the benefits of working out. We focus on developing proper mechanics, body awareness, improving general strength, agility, learning to use a variety of equipment, building confidence and supporting

others in their fitness development.

You do not need to be strong, experienced or athletic to join these classes. Our classes allow each youth to focus individually on building strength, making improvement, challenging strength, and building confidence in the bodies abilities. These classes are truly for all types of youth...whether they are currently quite active or looking for a new way to get moving.

Fall Session: 8 weeks

Tuesday 630-715pm | October 13-December 1

Thursday 5-545pm | October 15- December 3

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