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Fitness Class

No matter what your fitness level, age, goals, or limitations, our goal is to help you move and sweat with the overall goal of being healthier. From Instructor led classes, yoga, fitness kickboxing, and circuits...we want to support you, build your confidence, and help you feel better both physically and mentally.

Pole Fitness is new to our studio, with classes starting May 2021!


The same great classes we offer in studio, at the same class times, but LIVE! via ZOOM so you can join from home! You will get a link text to you 30 mins prior to class time, and then you can join in on our classes without having to go anywhere. And the best part...accountability and a fitness pro on the other end to ensure proper form,


Your choice of classes. Anywhere. Anytime. As many times as you want in a month.An email goes out the 10th of each month (so sign up ahead of time), and gives you access to our private youtube links to yoga, strength, ground & tone, fascia work and more. Links expire the 10th of the next month.

Exercising with Baby

Available one-on-one in studio, via ZOOM, as well as our soon to launch Postnatal Fitness Online Program. 



We are currently running training for two age groups.

Youth Athletes ages 10-14 (Mon & Thurs 5pm)

Older Athletes ages 15+ (Mon, Thurs & Fri 4pm)

Functional sport specific strength (age appropriate), power, agility, cardio, core and flexibility. Our goal. Athletes with optimal performance, with education on proper warm up, cool down, and injury prevention.

Spaces are limited! . Contact for more info. 


Check out all we have to offer for kids in our community!


We follow current COVID protocols in all that we offer, including Tiny Pipes (ages 4-7), Small Pipes (ages 8+), Kids Summer and Day camps. 

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Biomechanical, postural assessment, individualized programming and one on one personal sessions by a Clinical Exercise Physiologist to manage imbalances, work on health and fitness goals, return to activity, athletic goals, and postnatal fitness.


Contact us to discuss your current needs, and how we can best serve you. 


Our yoga retreats are a popular escape for a few hours to check in on the body, mind and soul as we explore various types of guided meditations, nidra, and different styles of yoga. 

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Help us raise money for a variety of different special causes by joining us for two incredible things put and yoga! 


More information to come.