What is personal training?

Personal training is one on one training with a fitness professional to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Whether it be weight loss, wanting to gain strength, put on muscle mass, or train for a specific sport or event, we have you covered. 

At Pipes Fitness technique and appropriate weight choice is a huge focus of what we do, and you will be trained appropriately to bring your body to balance to avoid injuries and get you performing your very best.

What is group training?

If you want to share your sessions with others or train with a family member or friend, this can be a great way to keep each other motivated and on track. Same focus on technique and reaching your personal goals, same benefits of personal training, but at a lower rate per session.

What is Individualized Assessment & Programming?

Looking to add a fitness regimen into your life but don't know where to start and want to make sure it is balanced and appropriate for you?

Or are you an athlete looking for an inseason or offseason program specialized for your sport?

We will assess your current fitness level and technique with various exercises, discuss your fitness goals and commitment, and then develop a program specifically for you with equipment that is available to you at your home or training facility. We will then meet with you to go over the program, exercises, reps, etc. and make sure you are comfortable moving forward.

Align, Balance & Execute

The way we function in our day to day life can cause some real stressors and imbalances in our body. Having weak and tight muscles that cause you to walk, sit and stand with improper posture can then start to be felt in other areas of the body and cause imbalances when you train. Our Exercise Physiologist is trained to assess posture, address muscle weakness and tension, and work with you to make adjustments to your gait and seated/standing postural habits to bring you back to correct postural alignment, stretch and strengthen to get your muscles back into balance, and ensure you can then train with the best technique. 






$240.00/ 4 SESSIONS

$440.00/ 8 SESSIONS

$660.00/ 12 SESSIONS






$600.00/PERSON | 12 SESSIONS



$180.00 |Assessment, Individualized Program & Program Review|

  TBA   |Meal Plan Coaching- coming soon|