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I am Miranda Wiese. Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, Postnatal Coach, Studio Owner and Mom of two amazing littles. My postnatal care was nil. Eight years ago I delivered my first baby, got my 6 week check up from my GP and away I went. And yes... I (probably like you) went through a couple pregnancies, deliveries and was living in my new postnatal body all the while knowing very little about my pelvic floor, its health, self care, and what symptoms can be related to it. I hoped right back into my fitness routine, and assumed everything would just work itself out.

I went through my own pelvic floor journey 3 years ago (that's 5 years postnatal) due to bladder issues, pelvic pressure and difficulty running. My pelvic floor treatment experience was incredible, mind blowing, and changed my life to leading me down the road of becoming a postnatal fitness specialist. I wished that I would have known more leading up to my pregnancies, and wondered if things could have gone a little smoother had I known more and done more body prep. I caught myself with tendencies of gripping, postural imbalances, difficulty recruiting PF and tension! 

I have been teaching Postnatal since late last year and received my certification from the incredible Jessie Mundell. I fell in LOVE with postnatal fitness because for so long it was underrepresented, pelvic floor was something we didn't talk about (insert word "Kegel" and expect everyone to know what that is) and the information that I think is so important to both pre and postnatal moms, just isn't there. Pregnancy is a journey....and there is a TON we can do to prepare our bodies better. Same goes for postnatally. My hopes and dreams are to take away the goal of "weight loss" and returning to the "previous body" and instead acknowledging that we as moms are in a new body that created life! Hope to embrace and be aware of how this new body feels and functions, and love the strength we can create by listening to it. 

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