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Today is a great day to start prioritizing yourself (guilt free)!
challenge runs november 14-december 30

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Whole Body Health.


Never before have I been more called on by my heart to be there for the well being, both physical and mental, for the people in my community and province. And even better, without needing to step outside the comfort of your own home (unless ya wanna).

Health is truly a balance of three things.

Physical Body.

Mental Health.

Spiritual, Soul and things that create the fire within you.


A disconnect from one means another is carrying an extra load, leading to an imbalance. Many of us are disconnected and living on auto pilot, topped up with the stress of daily life and current events.


I have created this challenge (against the grain of mainstream fitness, of course) to help those who feel they are struggling to create more balance and turn inward. This does not mean "crazy workouts every day". For some, it might be hardly any fitness, and rather slowing down and more mental health work, better eating and time to self. Or you may already be in a good fitness groove, and wanna dive more into the mind and soul.

Each package includes:

- Weekly Mind/Body/Soul meetings to discuss and give guidance on a variety of topics including meditation, grounding, journalling, self care, mindset, goal setting, managing stress, building healthy habits, creating personal goals and more! Meetings will be held Sundays at 7pm (schedule and topics will be emailed out after registration)

- A point based system to help set and monitor progress of personalized goals for various aspects of physical, mental and self care practices.

Add on packages available for those who want access to:

          • All level "Video on Demand" Fitness and Yoga workouts

          • Unlimited Live ZOOM classes (option to come in studio instead of ZOOM)

                  Mon 7pm Muscle Pump/Shred

                  Tues 530pm Flex & Sweat

                  Wed 6pm Stretch Yoga

                  Thurs 6pm HIIT

                  Sunday 11am Restorative or Flow Yoga

            • In Studio "Open Gym" access to get away, use our studio equipment (max 4 people in studio for a safe and comfy, private vibe)

                  Mon 6am/7am/8am | 7pm/8pm

                  Tues 7am/8am | 730pm

                  Wed 6am/7am/8am

                  Thurs 7am/8am | 7pm/8pm

                  Fri 6am/7am/8am | 5pm/6pm

                  Weekend Open Gym- TBA

Package 1:

Self Led

(No Fitness/Yoga)

This package sets you up to join our weekly meetings (as mentioned above) for 7 weeks  to help set up new healthy routines, goal setting, meditation, mindset and more!

Do your own thing for movement and just join for the meetings.

$65 / 7 weeks

Package 2:

Chats & Sweat

Includes Weekly Meetings..

+ Fitness & Yoga Video on Demand

+ Unlimited Live Zoom Classes

$150.00 / 7 weeks

Package 3:

Chats, Sweat & Gym Time

Weekly Meetings

+Fitness & Yoga Video on Demand

+Unlimited Zoom Classes

+Open Gym

(semi private use of studio to complete workouts)

$175 / 7 weeks

Other services to support your movement and physical health goals


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Personal Training

(One on One Services)

Get one on one training to customize your private sessions to meet your goals and suit your body. Whether you are wanting to amp up your workouts, newly postnatal, recovering from an injury, living with disease/impairment, we can accomodate you.

$50 / session

Small Group Training

(Max 3 Participants)

Join a few others looking for the professional fitness guidance in their workouts (a regular day/time commitment), at a lower rate per session than personal training.

$25 / session

Private Consult & Coaching

Whether you are looking for a individualized fitness program developed for you and your goals, or follow up, guidance, support, and motivation you need by doing regular virtual check ins, goal setting, and get advice coaching with myself.

Price based on time commitment