All of our yoga classes are geared towards managing stress, both mental and physical, slowing down the mind, stretching out tight muscles, and connecting the body, mind and soul. 

You need no experience to attend any of our classes, but if you are dealing with any current or past injuries, contact us so we can help make sure you chose the class that will serve you best.


"Warm Vinyasa Flow"

Sun 11AM | 60 minutes | Style: Flow

Check out of your life's routine for an hour and join Michelle on Sunday evenings to discover your bodies potential to move, stretch and breathe.

Vinyasa Flow is an all levels class where you will smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement. Whether you are looking for some basic stretching, or looking to test your physical limits...this class will be just what you need to end your weekend or start your week feeling amazing.

New to yoga? No worry! We are an inclusive studio that welcomes all levels, and believe yoga should be for everyone.

**Mats, blocks, straps and bolsters provided. Come in comfy clothes (layers) and feel free to bring a blanket for savasana.

"Yoga to unwind"

Mon 7pm | 60 minutes | Style: Flow, Stretch & Restorative

A great yoga to end your work day, but refresh and start your week. A short meditation to bring awareness to the body and mind, with easy and mindful breath work. A few simple vinyasas to move through bringing heat and warmth to the muscles and joints, followed by gentle stretching and a few restorative poses. Leave feeling relaxed, calm and grounded.

**Come in comfy layers of clothing, and feel free to bring a water bottle, blanket and any of your own yoga supplies. Mats, blocks and bolsters available for use in studio. 


Wed 615am | 45 minutes | Style: Power & Restorative

NEW! A yoga class FOR ALL LEVELS to both strengthen and stretch the entire body, set up in two different sections...

Start class by creating "heat" in the body by holding and moving through some basic Yoga poses to develop stability and strength through the upper and lower musculature and joints. End class in supported poses to gently stretch the warmed muscles and open the front and back of the body.

This is a brand new class style to Pipes, so everyone will be learning together along the way. No experience necessary.
*Mats, blocks, and bolsters are available in studio for use.
*Dress in comfy layers, and feel free to bring water and a blanket.

"30 min noon yoga"

Wed 1215pm | 30 minutes | Style: Flow & Stretch

Stressed at work? Need some downtime and quiet to calm the mind and reset. Or have a crazy work and family schedule, making it hard fitting in your own Yoga practice? This easy 30 minute class will start with standing poses and work down to Savasana, with modifications/ more challenging poses to accommodate all participants.

*No experience necessary!

*Participants always welcome to just meditate or rest in a restorative pose.

"stretch yoga"

Wed 630pm | 60 minutes | Style: Yin & Yang

A great beginner class. Whether you are looking for a good stretch, relaxation and centering, or just some quiet! Options for beginner to advanced, including modifications for those who are taking care of an injury (please speak to us before class if so). An easy class to learn or practice balance and strength poses with options for progressions pending your body, its capabilities and your interests.

Short meditation at the beginning of class to focus on breath, bring your focus to the moment, stretching, and ending with restorative poses and savasana (and usually a few good laughs in the mix).  

"free meditation/yoga nidra" 

 Sat 9am | 20 minutes | Style: Meditation

An optional 20 minute addition to our Saturday AM class. A great chance to learn mindfulness, slow down the brain, notice the body, and breathe. Will include silent and guided meditations, with an introduction to mantras and mudras.  Doors will be locked at 9:00 sharp, and reopened at 920 for those wishing to join yoga practice after.

"Unwind & Restore" 

 Sat 930am | 60 minutes | Style: Restorative

The most incredible way to start your weekend and an absolute studio favourite. Whether you are healing physically/mentally, dealing with stress/anxiety, a new mom, or just looking for some relaxation and mindfulness…you will leave relaxed and clear.

Restorative yoga adds more "yin" to our very busy, fast paced lives, with a focus on breathing, slowing down the mind, noticing the body, and learning contentment of "being in the moment". Some gentle stretching, with majority of the class being spent supported with bolsters, props, and meditation pillows.

*Come in comfy layers, and feel free to bring a pillow and blanket (and coffee or tea for yourself).